CMU Data Interaction Group

We are a research group at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Our mission is to empower people to analyze and communicate data with interactive systems.

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Research Areas

Our group conducts research in computer science at the intersection of human computer interaction, machine learning, data science, programming languages, and data management.


Visualization leverages human perception to make (potentially large) data accessible. We are developing new languages and tools for analysis and communication.

Human-Centered Data Science

While computers can help us manage data, human judgment and domain expertise is what turns it into understanding. Meeting the challenges of increasingly large and complex data requires methods that richly integrate the capabilities of both people and machines.

Design for Machine Learning

The increasing use of machine learning techniques allows data scientists to summarize, aggregate, and make predictions about their data. While these techniques may be automated and yield high accuracy precision, they are often black-boxes that limit interpretability and actionable insights. We focus on designing novel techniques and systems to keep data scientists and end-users "in-the-loop".

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