About DIG

Learn more about the Data Interaction Group at Carnegie Mellon University.

Some text about the group. How do we work? What do we do? What are our values?

What we work on

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Our Values

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People matter. Teams are more successful when everybody is happy. We are all human and strive for an inclusive environment. We care about work-life balance. We celebrate successes and learn from failures.

Simple but not easy. We strive to find simple solutions and principles to solve complex problem. Finding simple solutions doesn't mean it's easy but it means that the end result is usable and clearly communicated.

Execution matters. There are a lot of good ideas but a good idea only becomes a successful idea when it is well-executed and clearly communicated. We care about meaningful impact.

Pragmatism over dogmatism. Break rules when you have to and adjust your principles when it doesn't match reality.

We don't live in a bubble. Scientists can't be in a bubble. We have to care about the societal, ecological, and economical impact of our work. We have to help fight discrimination, climate change, and poverty.