Demonstration of the Myria Big Data Management Service

Demo paper about the Myria system.

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Victor Teixeira de Almeida
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Lee Lee Choo
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Shumo Chu
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Paraschos Koutris
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Jennifer Ortiz
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Jingjing Wang
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Andrew Whitaker
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Shengliang Xu
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In this demonstration, we will showcase Myria, our novel cloud service for big data management and analytics designed to improve productivity. Myria's goal is for users to simply upload their data and for the system to help them be self-sufficient data science experts on their data – self-serve analytics. From a web browser, Myria users can upload data, author efficient queries to process and explore the data, and debug correctness and performance issues. Myria queries are executed on a scalable, parallel cluster that uses both state-of- the-art and novel methods for distributed query processing. Our interactive demonstration will guide visitors through an exploration of several key Myria features by interfacing with the live system to analyze big datasets over the web.